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Effective cleaning tips for prevention of coronavirus

With the widespread of the deadly coronavirus disease it is absolutely necessary to be as sanitised as possible. Even a light sneeze or cough is spreading the disease like fire, causing more and more people to fall sick. Frequent cleaning of your house, yourself and your AC ducts is a must, the following cleaning tips will help you prevent spreading coronavirus any further.

Hand cleaning

  • Using bleach as a disinfectant to clean your house is a way to go method to keep yourself and family members protected. Bleach should not be used on a stand alone basis and must be diluted with water before using it as a disinfectant. If you are wiping off the floor with it, make sure you let it rest for about 10-15 minutes before wiping it away for the most effective results.
  • Using rubbing alcohol or sanitizers to clean your hands at frequent intervals is the most effective way to keep away the germs. However, nothing beats washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Rubbing alcohol can also be used to the mop the floors and should be diluted and used.

Soap and Water hand washing

  • Remember, using soap and water is effective only when washing your hands and body but not when cleaning your house. You must use proper disinfectants to ensure effective cleaning. However, soap and water must be used for primary cleaning before the disinfectants are used.
  • All the cleaning equipments that are being used such as the mops, sponges, cloth require constant cleaning too. Make sure that all the equipments are soaked in water, cleaned using soapy water or put in the washing machines before further use, as they are also carriers to germs.

Cleaning equipment

It should be kept in mind that the high touch areas require more cleaning as compared to the other non frequented places. Door knobs, window panes, curtains, washrooms, coffee machines, all require special attention and need to be cleaned constantly. Also, running the washing machine empty is also important to make sure that the germs are completely removed.
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