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Useful Power Saving Tricks to Avoid Heavy AC Bills

You need to have a super functional air conditioning system to stay comfortable in a hot, sweaty atmosphere. During the summer season, the temperature levels always stay higher. If your air conditioner doesn’t work properly, you may find living hard. Retreating to a cool air conditioned home is always a pleasant and enjoyable experience. You need to be aware of the downside as well. As your air conditioning equipment works hard in the peak season, the energy bills would easily go higher. Here are some useful power saving tricks to avoid heavy AC bills:

Set your thermostat and use one with a built-in timer 

Digital Thermostat

One effective way to save energy bills is to set your thermostat at a convenient temperature to enjoy maximum comfort. This method of approach does not allow the unit to work hard unnecessarily. Under normal circumstances, you can set the thermostat between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. You need to realize that every degree matters. If you focus on not setting the unit excessively cold in summertime, you can save a lot on AC bills. It is always advisable to set the thermostat less than 8 degrees below the temperature outside. Every degree saved allows you to cut expenses by up to 10%.

If you choose a thermostat with a built-in timer, you can lower your energy bills. This feature not only allows you to set the temperature, but also set the operation hours to optimize the energy efficiency. Many companies are offering systems that perform this function automatically.

Focus in upgrading your windows

Upgrading windows

If you are living in a home with some old windows, you need to consider replacing them with more energy efficient windows which cut the energy bills substantially. There is no need to worry about the installation costs because they are trivial compared to the long term benefits.

Stay away from using heat-emitting appliances unnecessarily

Many household appliances like lamps, oven, printer, computer, and television generate considerable amount of heat as you keep on operating them. This situation increases the workload to maintain the temperature under control. You should optimize the use of other appliances at your home to save money on your AC bills.

Hire a renowned air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance service

Ac Installation

You have to keep your system clean to control the expenses. It is always advisable to hire a reputed air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance service provider to make sure that your AC unit stays properly cleaned and maintained. If you choose a monthly package from a trusted service provider, you can expect timely maintenance at regular intervals. Accomplished technicians identify the problem and address it efficiently to maintain the operational efficiency at higher levels. You don’t need to worry about a dirty or clogged filter that makes the unit work harder. So hiring a trusted air conditioning repair company is an effective step to cut your AC bills.

Other effective methods to avoid heavy AC bills are sealing windows, installing a programmable thermostat, using ceiling fans, reducing sun light, and insulating attics and walls. All these steps will help you cut down energy expenses significantly.

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